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'THE LAW LADY' : each Friday, at 3pm
This is a weekly series, each Friday at 3:01pm, which is compiled at our sister Access station in Taranaki, but covers topics relevant to all of us. Angela Solomans from Taranaki Community Law presents this informative legal show.

The topic for the 27th March programme is: SPECIAL NEEDS IN EDUCATION.

'TRAVEL SMART' : Friday 27th March, 4:01pm
This programme on the last Friday of each month, covers a broad range of travel topics and issues. On this month's programme, the topic is: SEEING THE SHOWS.

'THE WEEK IN PARLIAMENT' : Friday 27th March (7pm)
(Also repeated Saturday at about 11:40am & Sunday at 12:05pm)
  • Week dominated by talk of cricket and the Northland by-election
  • 34 Bills passed in under an hour on Tuesday
  • Foreign Affairs Committee briefed on South Korean FTA and nuclear disarmament

Radio Kidnappers regularly repeats some of its community programmes shortly after they have been first broadcast.

Tuesday 24th March at 10:01am: "EUROVISION SONG CONTESTS 2009+2011" - with David Brown Carr
Tuesday 24th March at 11:01am: "ACUPUNCTURE ON AIR" - Selwyn Wong-Doo discusses The History Of Acupuncture
Tuesday 24th March at 12:01pm: "MADE IN NEW ZEALAND" - Peta Mathias
Tuesday 24th March at 4:01pm: "A WOMAN'S WORLD" - Dr Lucy Fergus (Geriatrician)
Wednesday 25th March at 9:01am: "HERETAUNGA SENIORS (When I'm 84)"
Wednesday 25th March at 9:30am: "COMMUNITY CORNER" - touring permaculturist STEFAN SOBKOWIAK
Wednesday 25th March at 4:01pm: "THE SEA WEEK TEAM" - "Deep Down Under The Ocean Waves"
Thursday 26th March at 10:01am: "GREY POWER" - with David George
Thursday 26th March at 12:01pm: "ON THE ROAD AGAIN" - Lyn & Lyn Gentry
Thursday 26th March at 1:01pm: "INFORMATION 4 DISABILITY" - Heather's final episode
Thursday 26th March at 2:01pm: "SOFT LIGHTS AND SWEET MUSIC" - with Geoff
Thursday 26th March at 3:01pm: "CITIZENS BRASS" - with Norma
Thursday 26th March at 4:01pm: "POPULAR CLASSICS" - with Fred
Friday 27th March at 12:01pm: "A WOMAN'S WORLD" - teacher/educator Emily Nelson
Saturday 28th March at 12:01pm: "THE LAW LADY" - on the topic of Consumer Credit
Saturday 28th March at 1:01pm: "HASTINGS LIONS ON AIR" - the Camp Quality children-with-cancer project
Saturday 28th March at 2:01pm: "SAFE TALK" - on Professional Sportspeople
Saturday 28th March at 3:01pm: "MADE IN NEW ZEALAND" - soul singer Bella Kalolo
Saturday 28th March at 4:01pm: "COLLABORATIVE VOICES" - Hazel Jennings talks about I.T. for NGOs
Saturday 28th March at 5:01pm: "HB MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS SOCIETY" - with Robyn
Saturday 28th March at 5:30pm: "YOUTH ZONE PIRATES"

'THE SUNDAY SERMON' : now morning and evening (differing speakers)
This programme can now be heard twice a day on Sundays - at 9am and again at 7pm. Each programme will have a different speaker.

BLUEGRASS GOSPEL (previously 9am Sundays) can now be heard at the earlier time of 6am-7am Sundays.

  29th March at 9:00am: Pastor Nigel Woodley (Flaxmere Christian Fellowship) - "The Resurrection Of Jesus"
  29th March at 7:00pm: Pastor Joel Shoaf (Bay Baptist Church) - "The Empty Tomb"

  • Wednesday 1st April at 12:30pm - HEALTH MATTERS (30mins, monthly)

  • Friday 3rd April at 1:01pm - DIABETES HAWKE'S BAY (30mins, monthly)

  • Monday 6th April at 3:01pm - TWO FOR JAZZ (1hr, fortnightly)

'HEALTH MATTERS' : Wednesday 1st April at 12:30pm
This new programme is presented by Holistic Nutritionist Alison Cowell. On the first programme, she will be talking with TREVOR DOIG and discussing his Prostate Cancer journey.

Vacancies - Trustees For Radio Kidnappers
We are now seeking applications from persons who are interested in becoming a trustee for Radio Kidnappers.

Further details are available here: Trustee-Brief & Application-Process and Application-Form.

'LIFE UNLIMITED HEARING ON AIR' : Friday 27th March, 1:30pm
Join Rhose Shand for her next monthly programme, when she'll be talking about COMMUNICATION.

'SAFE TALK' : each Friday, at 12:30pm
This is a weekly series, each Friday at 12:30pm, which is compiled at our sister Access station in Taranaki, and highlights the issues surrounding family violence: the damage it causes, and how to report and prevent it. The presenter is Callum Williamson from the Taranaki Safe Families Trust.

The topic for the 27th March programme is: PSYCHOLOGICAL ABUSE.

'DE WEEK DIE WAS' : each Monday evening (repeated Thursdays)
This weekly Dutch show is being produced in the Netherlands itself, and will include: general news, useful news and info for Dutch expats and emigrants, items about things changing, disappearing and new trends in the Netherlands, the Dutch language, books, music etc.

Further information about DE WEEK DIE WAS ("The Week That Was") is on its Programmes page.

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