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Radio Kidnappers regularly repeats some of its community programmes shortly after they have been first broadcast.
  • Tuesday 3rd February at 12:30pm: "ACUPUNCTURE ON AIR" - with Thomas Lin

  • Tuesday 3rd February at 4:05pm: "NAPIER FAMILY CENTRE" - Su talks with Sheryl Smith (Counselling Manager)

  • Wednesday 4th February at 9:05am: "THEATRE INTERLUDE" - Mason Price on "The End Of The Golden Weather"

  • Thursday 5th February at 10:05am: "THEATRE THEMES" (songs from great musicals)

  • Thursday 5th February at 11:05am: "SAFE TALK" (family violence)

  • Thursday 5th February at 12:10pm: "THE LAW LADY" - misleading advertising

  • Thursday 5th February at 1:05pm: "TRAVEL SMART" - travel topics with Jackie Setz

  • Thursday 5th February at 2:05pm: "SOFT LIGHTS AND SWEET MUSIC" - with Geoff

  • Thursday 5th February at 3:05pm: "CITIZENS BRASS" - with Norma

  • Thursday 5th February at 4:05pm: "POPULAR CLASSICS" - with Fred

  • Saturday 7th February at 12:10pm: "THE LAW LADY" (as above)

  • Saturday 7th February at 1:00pm: "TRAVEL SMART" (as above)

  • Saturday 7th February at 2:00pm: "ACUPUNCTURE ON AIR" (as above)

  • Saturday 7th February at 3:00pm: "NAPIER FAMILY CENTRE" (as above)

  • Saturday 7th February at 4:00pm: "THEATRE INTERLUDE" (as above)
'THE SUNDAY SERMON' - Sundays at 7pm
Each Sunday at 7pm, we will be featuring some divine guidance from the pulpits of various denominations. On 1st February, Pastor Joel Shoaf from the Bay Baptist Church will speak on the theme of "Great Awakenings For My Life".
'ROTARY WHEELS' : Monday 2nd February at 9:30am
This month's episode features an interview with IAN & KIM MAYNE, husband and wife members of the two Ahuriri Rotary Clubs.
'AGE CONCERN ON AIR' - Monday 2nd February at 1:05pm
In this month's programme, Carol will be talking about the keeping cool, volunteering, and the services Age Concern offers.
'THEATRE THEMES' : Monday 2nd February at 2:05pm
On next week's programme (and repeated the following Sunday [8th] at the same time), we'll be playing highlights from "SUNSET BOULEVARD". (Don't forget you can still hear a repeat of this week's featured THEATRE THEMES show - "Mamma Mia" - on Sunday 1st February).
'TRAVEL SMART' (new programme) : each month
Jackie Setz hosts this programme on the last Friday of each month (at 4:05pm), which will cover a broad range of travel topics and issues.
'SAFE TALK' (new programme) : each Friday
This is a weekly series - each Friday at 12:30pm - which is compiled at our sister Access station in Taranaki, and highlights the issues surrounding family violence: the damage it causes, and how to report and prevent it. The presenter is Callum Williamson from the Taranaki Safe Families Trust.
'THE LAW LADY' (new programme) : each Friday
This is a weekly series - each Friday at 3:05pm - which is compiled at our sister Access station in Taranaki, but covers topics relevant to all of us. Angela Solomans from Taranaki Community Law presents this informative legal show, with advice as to where you can go to get the best help you need.
'DE WEEK DIE WAS' : starting 9th February
For those of our local Dutch community who recall the long-running weekly "ECHO RADIO" programme which stopped being produced (in Christchurch) in late 2012, we are pleased to advise that a new weekly show "DE WEEK DIE WAS (The Week That Was)" will be starting on Monday 9th February at 7:30pm.

This is being produced in the Netherlands itself, and will include: general news, useful news and info for Dutch expats and emigrants, items about things changing, disappearing and new trends in the Netherlands, the Dutch language, books, music etc. Further information soon.
'CLASSIC COUNTRY' (new programme) : each Wednesday
If you're a Country-music fan, you'll want to tune in at 11pm Wednesdays as Tim Rogers presents a 2hour show featuring the best Country music of all time.
ART DECO WEEKEND (18th-22nd February)
To celebrate Art Deco Weekend in the Bay, we will be playing a plethora of iconic 1920s-1930s-1940s music on 1431AM over that period (Wednesday to Sunday), while our normal programmes continue on 104.7FM. More details soon.
Vacancies - Trustees For Radio Kidnappers
We are now seeking applications from persons who are interested in becoming a trustee for Radio Kidnappers.

Further details are available here: Trustee-Brief & Application-Process and Application-Form.
Our Thursday evening (11pm) Maori & Pacific youth music and news show, is taking a 2-week rest while the presenters and producers have their annual break. The programme will resume on 12th February.
This 30min programme of contemporary country music has returned on Wednesdays at the new time of 11:05am.
John Bayliss is your host for this new weekly series, Sundays at 1:30pm. This is a Kiwi-based Christian programme of teachings, with some musical interludes.
'SMOOTH GROOVES WITH DJ STATIC' - change of day & time
DJ Static has so much music he wants to play (and talk about), that he has extended his show's duration to 2 hours! Tuesday evenings, at the new time of 7pm-9pm.

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