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'ACUPUNCTURE ON AIR - Monday 24th November at 9:30am
This month, your host Heiko Lade chats with SUE TAPPER about Fertility and IVF.
'HASTINGS LIONS ON AIR' - Monday 24th November at 1:05pm
In this month's programme, Alan Harvey chats with OLIVIA BURELL, winner of the NZ Lions Club 2014 Young Speechmaker competition.
'COLLABORATIVE VOICES' - Monday 24th November at 7pm
In this month's programme, Ros talks with CONOR TWYFORD about the "Union Get Out And Vote" campaign, and how the outcome affected voting in the 2014 General Election.
'ISRAEL AT WAR' - Sundays at 11:00pm on 104.7FM
Our series of programmes on Israel is being repeated as a result of numerous requests. There are four programmes relating to the conflict in Gaza, and those will be followed by five relating to the Holocaust.
Tui's popular Friday-and-Saturday-evening programme of Samoan news and music will be broadcast on Saturdays only (8pm-11pm) for the next few weeks.
NEW PROGRAMMES recently started or resumed
  • ACUPUNCTURE ON AIR, with Heiko Lade - 4th Monday of each month at 9:30am

  • HASTINGS LIONS ON AIR - 4th Monday of each month at 1:05pm

  • ISRAEL AT WAR - Sundays at 11:00pm

  • THE MUSIC EXPRESS (with Mike Parish) - weekly, Tuesdays, 2:05pm

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