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'THE WEEK IN PARLIAMENT' : Fri 6th May (5:45pm), Sat 11:40am & Sun 12:05pm
  • Opposition parties combine to give Labour's Healthy Homes Guarantee bill a first reading by 61 votes to 60
  • Minor parties honour formal agreements to vote with John Key's National government on issues of confidence and money supply, ending the Annual Review Debate by passing the Appropriation 2014-15 Bill by 63 to 58
  • But United Future's Peter Dunne votes against the Environment Canterbury transitional governance bill while the Maori Party crosses back to rejoin National and ACT
  • Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Committee reports on the TPPA, opening the way for debate in the chamber
  • Opposition uses questions to try to link the Prime Minister and his lawyer to IRD's decision not to proceed with an inquiry into foreign-owned trusts
  • Speaker and opposition clash over the length of questions and answers, New Zealand First leader, Winston Peters, and his transport spokesman, Denis O'Rourke, ordered out of chamber
  • Former MPs Chris Laidlaw & Stephen Franks express opposing views on the Government's Resource Legislation Amendment Bill. Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment, Jan Wright also makes a submission on that bill to the Local Government and Environment Committee

'IN THE GARDEN WITH MEGAN' : Saturdays, at 10:30am
Megan Williams photo
Avid home-gardener Megan Williams joins us each Saturday morning with a 10-minute weekly gardening to-do list along with handy tips for all those with green fingers, plus a tasty recipe for you to try!

Saturday 6th May : What to do in the garden this week - and a Thai green curry!

'TOURISM TALK' : Saturday 7th May, at 12:05pm
This programme, presented by David George, looks at what's happening in the tourism industry, and with economic development in Hawke's Bay. New episodes will air monthly, or more frequently at times.

In the next episode (7th May), David talks with Napier Mayor BILL DALTON.

And coming up on 14th May : Paul Trass

'THE SUNDAY MORNING SERMON' : 8th May, at 9:04am
This is presented weekly by Pastor Nigel Woodley of the Flaxmere Christian Fellowship.

His topic this week is: "The Holy Spirit Within Us - Faith And Grace".

'CHRISTIAN SCIENCE SENTINEL RADIO' : Sundays 8th & 15th May, at 1:30pm
This fortnightly programme features news and topics of interest from the Christian Science Society. In the next programme, the topic is "Value Who You Are".

Each episode is repeated at the same time on the following/in-between Sunday.

'LIVING WITH PURPOSE' : Sunday 8th May, at 7:04pm
Beverley Shoaf photo
This is presented weekly by Beverley Shoaf from the Bay Baptist Church, Napier.

This week, Beverley chats with MINDY NELSON about Mothers' Day, with Beverly, Philipa and Neeti.

Peter Dunne photo
Each Monday, at 9:04am, Peter Dunne, leader of the United Future Party, contributes his views and comments on current political issues.

This will be repeated on Saturday mornings, [as with representatives of other political parties (and subject to availability)].

'HB SCIENTISTS ON AIR' : Mondays 9th & 16th May, at 9:30am
This programme features new guests on both the 2nd and 3rd Mondays of each month.

9th May: DR JOHN PICKERING - Farm-Animals Veterinarian
16th May: PHILLIP (PIRIPI) SMITH - IT / Traditional Navigator

On the other Mondays at 9:30am you can hear repeats of this month's guests, or of an earlier programme.

'EARTH GARDENS' : Monday 9th May, at 7:04pm
This month's bulletin from 57 Sandy Road Meeanee features a look at THE KUMARA - its origins, uses, health benefits, and tips on how to grow.

EARTH GARDENS is refreshed on the 2nd Monday each month, and the latest episode can be heard each Monday at 7:04pm.

A full complement of eighteen teams from 13 local schools will this year be competing for the annual Talk-The-Talk Debating Shield, making this year the biggest ever.

Each Debate will again be broadcast live on Radio Kidnappers' two frequencies, as well as live-streamed on the Internet.

The first of 27 round-robin Heats will be on Tuesday 10th May at 4pm, and will continue on Tue-Wed-Thu of each week throughout Term 2. Quarter- and Semi-Finals, and the Grand Final, will follow early in Term 3.

Click here for the Talk-The-Talk Debates page (or go via the 'PROGRAMME-DETAILS' tab above) for all information - including dates, schools and moots, and all results, plus team photos of all teams as they debate this year.

'SUICIDE - SUPPORTING THE AFTERMATH' : Wednesday 11th May, at 11:04am
This monthly programme is hosted by Warren Brown, who covers and discusses the channels which are available for help and support to all those directly or indirectly affected by the issue of suicide. This month he discusses some Suicide FAQs.

The programme is refreshed on the 2nd Wednesday, and the latest episode can be heard each Wednesday at 11:04am.


'GROWING THROUGH GRIEF' : each Thursday, at 1:04pm
This programme is all about a free service offered to young people between the ages of 5-17 undergoing loss and change in their lives.

Offered also are programmes for parents of the young people, adults undergoing loss and change and the well-children in families who have a member facing life-threatening illness.

In this month's episode: The Seasons, with Sandy & Verona.

GROWING THROUGH GRIEF is refreshed on the 1st Thursday each month, and the latest episode can be heard each Thursday at 1:04pm.

'ALIVE! WITH BHAVNA' : each Tuesday, at 4:04pm
Bhavna photo
Bhavna Nagar is a clinical psychologist and a Mindfulness practitioner. This programme is about sharing her insights about Mindfulness which she has gained over the years, debunking myths about Mindfulness, answering questions related to Mindfulness, and allowing listeners to gain a practical understanding of the practice. Her approach is more focused on living Mindfully than practising a technique.

In this month's programme, the topic is: How To Work Mindfully With Unpleasant Emotions"

The latest episode is repeated each Tuesday following the 4pm News, and is refreshed monthly (on the 4th Tuesday). See her Programme-Details page for further information.

'SPIRITUALITY ON AIR' : each Thursday, at 9:05am
This monthly programme, hosted by Anne and Tonni, discusses all aspects of spiritual healing and how it may be of benefit to you. The topic for this month is: Getting Through - One Day At A Time.

SPIRITUALITY ON AIR is refreshed on the 3rd Thursday each month, and the latest episode can be heard each Thursday at 9:04am.

'THE NAPIER KINDERGARTEN SHOW' : each Friday, at 12:05pm
The Napier Kindergarten present their own 30min show about kindergarten topics and issues of interest. This month's topic is: "Once Upon A Time".

THE NAPIER KINDERGARTEN SHOW is refreshed on the 1st Friday each month, and the latest episode can be heard each Friday at 12:05pm.

'THE EMOTIONAL FREEDOM SHOW' : each Friday, at 3:04pm
Diana Rickman presents a fortnightly programme explaining the use and benefits of the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to help attain better health and wellbeing in your daily life. In the next show, Diana chats with AVERIL MAHER.

THE EMOTIONAL FREEDOM SHOW is repeated at the same time on the following Friday.

In this month's programme, Gaeil's topic is: Mindful Living.

LIFE COACHING is refreshed on the 3rd Wednesday each month, and the latest episode can be heard each Wednesday at 4:04pm.

'HOMEOPATHY WITH HEIDI' : each Wednesday, at 9:05am
Heidi Beck photo
In this month's programme, the topic is Homeopathy And Arthritis.

HOMEOPATHY WITH HEIDI is refreshed on the 1st Wednesday each month, and the latest episode can be heard each Wednesday at 9:04am.

'BRAIN INJURY ASSOCIATION HB' : each Wednesday, at 11:30am
Join Dairne for this month's programme - she'll be chatting with Don about Kianga Ora.

BRAIN INJURY ASSOCIATION HB is refreshed on the 4th Wednesday each month, and the latest episode can be heard each Wednesday at 11:30am.

'HB POETRY LIVE' : each Monday, at 1:30pm
In the next episode of this series, host Bill Sutton chats with poets PATRICK & CHERRY DINGEMANS and we enjoy some of their poetry.

HAWKE'S BAY POETRY LIVE is refreshed on the 3rd Monday each month, and the latest episode (or a repeat of an earlier programme) can be heard each Monday at 1:30pm.

'PLANET WOMEN' : each Wednesday, at 12:05pm
The ladies from the Heretaunga Women's Centre can be heard every week on Wednesdays at 12:05pm. Hosts Margot, Cathy and Jacqui will take it in turns to refresh this show monthly, to keep us updated on happenings at the Centre and to chat about how anyone is welcome to become involved with the wide range of activities offered.

In this month's episode, Margot and Jacqui talk about the very busy Term2 programme coming up with lots of interesting and exciting things available to do or try, at the Centre.

PLANET WOMEN is refreshed on the 3rd Wednesday each month, and the latest episode can be heard each Wednesday at 12:05pm.

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