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Gordon Hannon photo
It is with sadness that Radio Kidnappers has learned of the death of Gordon Hannon, a devoted past broadcaster, one of the many volunteers whose regular and reliable contribution is so valuable on a community radio-station.

For more than 13 years until he retired in 2013, Gordon entertained us each Thursday with three hours of "Thanks For The Memories" from the 1930s-40s-50s. He also had an impressive repository of broadcasting recollections from earlier days in Hawke's Bay, as he had previously worked at 2ZC/2YZ for a long period as well as having been involved in the technical side of audio sound work for much of his life. Gordon, we thank YOU again for the memories, and RIP.

'THE SUNDAY EVENING SERMON' - 29th November, at 7:04pm
This is presented weekly by the Bay Baptist Church, Napier.

The topic this week is: "Great Awakenings For My Life".

'DOWN TO EARTH' : starts Friday 27th November, at 4:04pm
This new 30min programme, hosted by Gloria Kelly, will be broadcast each month on the 4th Friday, at 4pm, and will cover a full range of news, views and topics related to Naturopathy.

'WATER-WISE' : Thursdays at 5:30pm, repeated Saturdays at 6:30am
Franki James presents this new 15-minute programme about all aspects of water-safety, of interest to anyone venturing anywhere near, around, or in the water - be they swimmers, boaties, fishermen, surfers, or any of the other many and varied pursuits, interests and hobbies which attract us to water.

Franki will cover a wide range of topics - from basic safety rules governing water, to interviews with those helping keep us safe around and in it. Her motto is "being water-wise can help save lives!". One only has to look at NZ's appalling drowning and water-mishap statistics to realise that we all need to be more aware of the importance of water-safety.

Go to the WATER-WISE programme-page to view the Water Safety Code, and advice for when using Rivers and Inland Waterways.

WATER-WISE is heard each week on Thursday evenings at 5:30pm, and is repeated for earlybirds on Saturday mornings at 6:30am.

'HAWKE'S BAY KNOWLEDGE-BANK ON AIR' : Thursdays 26th Nov & 3rd Dec, at 1:04pm
HB Knowledge Bank logo

This programme can be heard each Thursday at 1:04pm. There will be a new interview each fortnight, with each episode being repeated on the alternate Thursday between.

In the next episodes, on 26th November & 3rd December, interviewer Lynne Trafford talks with WILLIAM ('Bill') BOAG, another volunteer and enthusiast at the Knowledge Bank.

For further information, go to the Knowledge Bank website: or check out its programme-details page.

'WAYNE'S MUSIC' : Mondays at 11am
Wayne Mowat photo
Well-known broadcaster Wayne Mowat is a recent and welcome addition to the Radio Kidnappers airwaves. Wayne was a local identity on 2ZC in the 1970s before he moved on to the commercial network and ultimately National Radio for many years.

Wayne retired in 2014 but is now living locally and is keen to continue entertaining us with his favourite music. Join Wayne for an hour each week for his knowledgeable, well-presented and popular shows.

Congratulations to LINDISFARNE COLLEGE who, with a spirited and closely-fought debate against Hastings Intermediate, became the 2015 Debates Champions and Shield winners.

Click here for the Talk-The-Talk Debates page (or go via the 'PROGRAMME-DETAILS' tab above) for all information - including dates, schools and moots, and all results, plus team photos of all those who debated this year.

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