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'ACUPUNCTURE ON AIR - Monday 22nd December at 9:30am
This month, your host Heiko Lade chats with Dr. TRACEY BOURNER, a Christchurch acupuncturist whose services and expertise were invaluable after the Christchurch earthquakes.
'A WOMAN'S WORLD' : Monday 22nd December at 12:30pm
In the next show, host Jacqui Thomas chats with LUCIANA EVANGELISTA VAN LIN - 'The Recycling Queen'.
'HASTINGS LIONS ON AIR' - Monday 22nd December at 1:05pm
In this month's programme, Alan Harvey chats with visiting fellow Lions DAVID DAWICK and ROBIN NAIRN.
'DIABETES YOUTH NEW ZEALAND' : Mondays at 1:30pm
From 1st December, we are playing a series of seven programmes compiled by one of our Access partner stations. Diabetes Youth New Zealand provides support for the more than 1000 youth afflicted by Type-1 diabetes (and their families). This series of interviews will be of interest to those who have the disease or are directly or indirectly affected by others who have it.
'SMOOTH GROOVES WITH DJ STATIC' - change of day & time
DJ Static has so much music he wants to play (and talk about), that he has extended his show's duration to 2 hours! From 9th December, it will play on Tuesday evenings, and at the new time of 7pm-9pm.
'ISRAEL AT WAR' - Sundays at 11:00pm on 104.7FM
Our series of programmes on Israel is being repeated as a result of numerous requests. There are four programmes relating to the conflict in Gaza, and those will be followed by five relating to the Holocaust.
'COMMUNITY CORNER' programmes this week :
  • Wednesday 17th December at 12:05pm: DR HAMISH CAMPBELL - Geologist & Senior Scientist at GNS Science

  • Thursday 18th December at 12:05pm: HELEN STAEHLI - Natural Healer
'HB POETRY LIVE' - Monday 15th December at 9:30am
In the next episode in this series, ANGUS MACDONALD treated us to half an hour of original verse as he talked about his poetry and how it inter-relates with his various life experiences.
'LOVE THAT JOB' - Tuesday 16th December at 10:05am
Janice's guest this fortnight was TODD HASWELL, Associate Pastor at The Miracle Centre and an Industrial Chaplain.

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