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Radio Kidnappers regularly repeats some of its community programmes shortly after they have been first broadcast.

Monday 2nd March at 3:01pm: "BRAIN INJURY ASSOCIATION HB" - with Angela Mentzer
Monday 2nd March at 4:01pm: "FOOT BLISS" - Maree Gifkins on The Bunion
Tuesday 3rd March at 12:01pm: "VOLUNTEERING MATTERS" - with Renata Lehmann
Tuesday 3rd March at 4:01pm: "LIFE UNLIMITED HEARING ON AIR" : Tinnitus
Wednesday 4th March at 9:01am: "TRAVEL SMART" - Chris Sherley talks about the Amtrak Tour
Thursday 5th March at 10:01am: "THEATRE THEMES" - memories from great musicals
Thursday 5th March at 12:01pm: "HERETAUNGA SENIORS (When I'm 64)"
Thursday 5th March at 2:01pm: "SOFT LIGHTS AND SWEET MUSIC" - with Geoff
Thursday 5th March at 3:01pm: "CITIZENS BRASS" - with Norma
Thursday 5th March at 4:01pm: "POPULAR CLASSICS" - with Fred
Saturday 7th March at 12:01pm: "THE LAW LADY" - on the topic of when can employers take money from pay
Saturday 7th March at 1:01pm: "SAFE TALK" - on the topic of strengthening families
Saturday 7th March at 2:01pm: "ROTARY WHEELS" : Sandy Ibbotsen (Co-ordinator of Napier Community Patrols)
Saturday 7th March at 3:01pm: "AGE CONCERN ON AIR"
Saturday 7th March at 4:01pm: "LOVE THAT JOB" - Janice Klinkhamer talks with MARK McNAUGHT (Forestry Tutor)
Saturday 7th March at 5:01pm: "HOMEOPATHY HUB"
Saturday 7th March at 5:30pm: "YOUTH ZONE PIRATES"

'SAFE TALK' : each Friday, at 12:30pm
This is a weekly series, each Friday at 12:30pm, which is compiled at our sister Access station in Taranaki, and highlights the issues surrounding family violence: the damage it causes, and how to report and prevent it. The presenter is Callum Williamson from the Taranaki Safe Families Trust.

The topic for the 6th March programme is: the SOPHIE ELLIOT book.

'THE LAW LADY' : each Friday, at 3pm
This is a weekly series, each Friday at 3:01pm, which is compiled at our sister Access station in Taranaki, but covers topics relevant to all of us. Angela Solomans from Taranaki Community Law presents this informative legal show, with advice as to where you can go to get the best help you need.

The topic for the 6th March programme is: CARS AND POLICE.

'THE SUNDAY SERMON' : now morning and evening (differing speakers)
This programme can now be heard twice a day on Sundays - at 9am and again at 7pm. Each programme will have a different speaker.

BLUEGRASS GOSPEL (previously 9am Sundays) can now be heard at the earlier time of 6am-7am Sundays.

  8th March at 9:00am: Pastor Nigel Woodley (Flaxmere Christian Fellowship) - "New Testament Love"
  8th March at 7:00pm: Pastor Joel Shoaf (Bay Baptist Church) - to be advised

'HB SCIENTISTS ON AIR' : Mondays 9th & 16th March at 9:30am
This programme plays on both the 2nd and 3rd Mondays of each month (ie two separate guest interviewees per month).

9th March: DR JENNIFER HARTLEY (recently-retired Horticultural Research Scientist)
16th March: DR DAVID DAVIDSON (recently-retired Obstetrician & Gynaecologist)

'A WOMAN'S WORLD' : Monday 9th March at 12:30pm
In the next show, host Jacqui Thomas chats with holistic nutritionist ALISON COWELL.

Contact details for Alison are posted on the Programmes page for A WOMAN'S WORLD (per tab above).

'SUICIDE - SUPPORTING THE AFTERMATH' : Wed 11th Mar at 12:30pm
Your host for this new monthly programme, on the 2nd Wednesday at 12:30pm, is Warren Brown, who will cover and discuss the channels which are available for help and support to all those directly or indirectly affected by the issue of suicide.

'HOMEOPATHY HUB' : Thursday 5th March at 11:01am
This new monthly programme, on the 1st Thursday at 11:01am, will focus on the advantages of homeopathic remedies. Presenters and guests will vary each month.

On 5th March, Heidi and Jane discuss the inter-relation and connection between homeopathy and the stressors in our lives.

Vacancies - Trustees For Radio Kidnappers
We are now seeking applications from persons who are interested in becoming a trustee for Radio Kidnappers.

Further details are available here: Trustee-Brief & Application-Process and Application-Form.

'HB COOK ISLANDS COMMUNITY SHOW' : 3rd Saturday monthly
Derek Teariki photo
On the 3rd Saturday of each month, at 7:30pm, Derek Teariki presents a 30-minute programme of Cook Islands news and music.

'DE WEEK DIE WAS' : each Monday evening (repeated Thursdays)
This weekly Dutch show is being produced in the Netherlands itself, and will include: general news, useful news and info for Dutch expats and emigrants, items about things changing, disappearing and new trends in the Netherlands, the Dutch language, books, music etc.

Further information about DE WEEK DIE WAS ("The Week That Was") is on its Programmes page.

'ROTARY WHEELS' : Monday 2nd March at 9:30am
This month's episode features an interview with SANDY IBBOTSON, Co-ordinator of Napier Community Patrols.

'LOVE THAT JOB' : Tuesday 3rd March at 10:01am
Janice's guest this fortnight is MARK McNAUGHT, Forestry Tutor for Rotorua's Waiariki Institute of Technology, which has a satellite centre here in Hawke's Bay (Napier), where Mark is based.

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