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The twelve Heats in this popular annual Debate Challenge have now concluded. Early in Term 4, there'll be three Semi-Finals and one Best-Of-The-Rest, with the contest culminating in the Grand Final on 29th October.

Eleven local schools (15 teams) are this year competing for the Debating Shield as well as a generous package of sponsors' products.

After 12 hard-fought Heats, our five Semi-Finalists are: Hastings Intermediate, Lindisfarne College, Maraekakaho School, Napier Intermediate and St Joseph's Maori Girls College, while Iona College and Tamatea Intermediate will determine the Best-Of-The-Rest.

Click here for the Talk-The-Talk Debates page (or go via the 'PROGRAMME-DETAILS' tab above) for all information - including dates, schools and moots, and all results, plus team photos of all those who have debated so far this year.

'HAWKE'S BAY KNOWLEDGE-BANK ON AIR' : starting Thursday 15th October, at 1:01pm
HB Knowledge Bank logo
This new programme can be heard each Thursday at 1:01pm, from 15th October. There will be a new interview each fortnight, with each episode being repeated on the alternate Thursday between.

The Knowledge Bank is an initiative to create a living record of Hawke's Bay and its people. It is run on a volunteer basis from the historic former homestead of Stoneycroft (901 Omahu Road, Hastings), which itself has a connection with several Hawke's Bay families going back well over a century.

The Knowledge Bank works by members of the community contributing any kind of relevant Hawke's Bay memorabilia, which is then digitised (a digital copy is made of it) before being returned to its owners. A large number of dedicated volunteers are involved and there are many ways in which the community can support this very worthwhile project.

For further information, go to the Knowledge Bank website: or check out its programme-details page.

'WATER-WISE' : starting Thursday 15th October, at 5:30pm
Franki James presents this new 15-minute programme about all aspects of water-safety, of interest to anyone venturing anywhere near, around, or in the water - be they swimmers, boaties, fishermen, surfers, or any of the other many and varied pursuits, interests and hobbies which attract us to water.

Franki will cover a wide range of topics - from basic safety rules governing water, to interviews with those helping keep us safe around and in it. Her motto is "being water-wise can help save lives!". One only has to look at NZ's appalling drowning and water-mishap statistics to realise that we all need to be more aware of the importance of water-safety.

WATER-WISE will be heard each week on Thursday evenings at 5:30pm, and will be repeated for earlybirds on Saturday mornings at 6:30am.

'SUICIDE - SUPPORTING THE AFTERMATH' : Wednesday 14th October, at 12:30pm
This monthly programme, on the 2nd Wednesday, is hosted by Warren Brown, who covers and discusses the channels which are available for help and support to all those directly or indirectly affected by the issue of suicide. This month he talks particularly about Mental Health Week.

'HB SCIENTISTS ON AIR' : Mondays 12th & 19th October, at 9:30am
This programme plays on both the 2nd and 3rd Mondays of each month (ie usually two separate guest interviewees per month).

12th October: GUY LETHBRIDGE - Civil Engineer
19th October: IAIN MAXWELL - Ecologist

'THE EMOTIONAL FREEDOM SHOW' : Fridays 9th & 16th October, at 3:01pm
Diana Rickman presents a fortnightly programme explaining the use and benefits of the Emotional Freedom Technique to help attain better health and wellbeing in your daily life. In the next show, she talks particularly about Healing Relationships.

The programme is repeated at the same time on the following Friday.

'WAYNE'S MUSIC' : Mondays at 11am
Wayne Mowat photo
Well-known broadcaster Wayne Mowat is a recent and welcome addition to the Radio Kidnappers airwaves. Wayne was a local identity on 2ZC in the 1970s before he moved on to the commercial network and ultimately National Radio for many years.

Wayne retired in 2014 but is now living locally and is keen to continue entertaining us with his favourite music. Join Wayne for an hour each week for his knowledgeable, well-presented and popular shows.

'HB CANCER SOCIETY' : Tuesday 13th October, at 12:30pm
In this month's programme, Trudi talks about Covering Up ("Wear A Hat")

Clayton Mitchell photo
Each Wednesday, at 9:01am, Clayton Mitchell, List MP for NZ First, gives us his views and comments on the political issues of the moment.

This will be repeated on Saturday mornings, along with current news and views from representatives of other political parties [as available].

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