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'NEVILLE RIDES THE BOUNDARIES' : Friday 3rd July, at 12noon
This is a weekly programme which is compiled at our sister Access station in Taranaki, featuring regular guests and covering topics of interest to the wider rural and farming community. Your host is Neville Wallace.

On this week's programme, we hear from:
  • John Key [PM, on the farming situation]
  • Ruud Kleinpaste [Bugs]
  • Lyn Webster [Farm ownership & "Rockstar Economy"]
  • Lynley Wyeth [Ducks]
  • Simon Collins [comments from Rotokare]
The programme is repeated at 12noon on Saturdays.

'SCHOOL PRINCIPALS ON AIR' : Friday 3rd July at 12:30pm
In this programme, we talk with Hawke's Bay school principals about their schools, their work, and about what makes them tick.

In the next episode, we hear from STEVE BLOOR, Principal of Ebbett Park School.

'DIABETES HAWKE'S BAY' : Friday 3rd July at 1:01pm
In this month's programme, Jim talks with ANDREA BURTON about Gestational Diabetes.

'COMMUNITY CORNER' : Friday 3rd July at 1:30pm
We will be talking with EILEEN KENNEDY from Napier Kindergartens.

'THE EMOTIONAL FREEDOM SHOW' : Friday 3rd July, at 3pm
Starting 3rd July, Diana Rickman will be presenting a fortnightly programme explaining the use and benefits of the Emotional Freedom Technique to help attain better health and wellbeing in your daily life. Go to her Programme Page to find out more.

Radio Kidnappers regularly repeats some of its community programmes shortly after they have been first broadcast.

  12:01pm: "LOVE THAT JOB" - with guest TODD HASWELL [Associate Pastor at the Miracle Centre]
TUESDAY 30TH JUNE: 10:01am: "INSPIRATIONAL WOMEN" - with Marcia and Dale - travel consultants
  4:01pm: "SAFE TALK"
THURSDAY 2ND JULY: 10:01am: "SALUT!" [HB French Association]
  2:01pm: "SOFT LIGHTS AND SWEET MUSIC" - with Geoff
  3:01pm: "CITIZENS BRASS" - with Norma
  4:01pm: "POPULAR CLASSICS" - with Fred
SATURDAY 4TH JULY: 12:01pm: "NEVILLE RIDES THE BOUNDARIES" - topical farming and rural issues
  1:01pm: "HEALTH MATTERS"
  2:01pm: "A WOMAN'S WORLD"
  5:01pm: "STARRY NIGHTS" - with Gary Sparks [Director of the Holt Planetarium in Napier]

'THE POLISH SHOW' and 'THE RUSSIAN SHOW' : Saturday 4th July (104.7FM only)
These are weekly programmes of interest to our Russian and Polish communities respectively. Compiled at our sister Access station in Taranaki, the topics and information covered are of a generic nature and will be of relevance to those nationalities wherever they are residing.

4th July at 6:30pm: THE RUSSIAN SHOW - "Four Stories From MZoshenko"
4th July at 7:00pm: THE POLISH SHOW - "The First Polish Home In Wellington"

Both programmes play on 104.7FM only and will be live-streamed over the Internet.

This programme can be heard twice a day on Sundays - at 9am and again at 7pm. Each programme will have a different speaker, over a span of a number of weeks.

  5th July at 9:00am: Pastor Nigel Woodley (Flaxmere Christian Fellowship) - "The Signs Of His Coming"
  5th July at 7:00pm: Pastor Joel Shoaf (Bay Baptist Church) - "Effective Encouragers In Church"

'ROTARY WHEELS' : Monday 6th July at 9:30am
The guest interviewees in the next episode are JOANNE GAUDIN & SHIRLEY FINDLAY, who talk about 'Inner Wheel' and their involvement in it.

WAYNE'S MUSIC : Mondays at 11am
Wayne Mowat photo
Well-known broadcaster Wayne Mowat is a recent and welcome addition to the Radio Kidnappers airwaves. Wayne was a local identity on 2ZC in the 1970s before he moved on to the commercial network and ultimately National Radio for many years.

Wayne retired in 2014 but is now living locally and is keen to continue entertaining us with his favourite music. Join Wayne for an hour each week for his knowledgeable, well-presented and popular shows.

We are realigning the days and times of a number of programmes to streamline some present operational requirements, and to make some spaces available for future possibilities. A summary of the changes is below, or check out the Schedule page for fuller details.
  • "DE WEEK DIE WAS" (repeat) moves to 7:30pm Fridays [from 7pm Thu]
  • "LIBRARY LIVE!" moves to 1pm, 2nd Friday [from 7:30pm, 2nd Thu]
  • "SUPERSONIC 70s" returns, to 9pm Thursdays
  • "THE DIRECT UK CHART SHOW" moves to 5pm Thursdays [from 8pm Thu]
  • "THE DISABILITY RESOURCE CENTRE SHOW" moves to 7:30pm, 4th Wednesday [from 5:30pm, 4th Thu]
  • "THE GOD QUESTION" returns, to 10am Sundays fortnightly
And from 21st July:
  • "DJ STATIC's SMOOTH GROOVES" moves to 8pm Tuesdays [from 7pm Tue]
  • "MONDAY MISCELLANY" (repeat) moves to 7pm Tuesdays [from 5pm Tue]
  • "REVISITING THE SIXTIES" moves to 5pm Tuesdays [from 9pm Tue]

'BEST OF BLUEGRASS' : Tuesdays at 3pm
We welcome back Trevor Ruffell with another series of his popular "BEST OF BLUEGRASS" country-music shows. Tune in Tuesdays at 3pm (from 2nd June) for his weekly 1hr programme.

Ian H photo
This new 1hr programme can be heard each Monday afternoon at 3pm, and will feature twin-spin jazz with a theme that links the two tracks together. Tunes that you'll love and tunes that will give you a greater appreciation of jazz through its many and varied forms.

For more information, check out the Two For Jazz Programmes page.

'HOMEOPATHY HUB' : Thursday 2nd July at 11:01am
In this month's programme, hosts Jane and Tanja talk about SKIN AND GUT CONDITIONS.

Clayton Mitchell photo
Each Wednesday, at 9:01am, Clayton Mitchell, List MP for NZ First, gives us his views and comments on the political issues of the moment.

This will be repeated on Saturday mornings, along with current news and views from representatives of other political parties [as available].

'COMMUNITY CORNER' : Thursday 2nd July at 1:01pm
We will be talking with DAVID GEORGE from Destination Napier.

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