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That House Sitting Show with Tania Hassounia

Hi I'm Tania , the host of "That Housesitting Show". I aim to inspire, equip and encourage you in everything you need to know about house sitting - from how to find one, to becoming one.

If you've romanticized the notion of traveling the world for a year, or trying to carve out a family holiday while having a gaggle of furs and feathers at home to be looked after, then this show is for you.

You'll get a handle on all the nitty-gritty's, chuckle along with some of the amusing antics that can happen while house sitting and get a broader understanding from interviews with both house sitters and homeowners who have had sitters.

I'm an experienced house and pet sitter and known as 'Your Friendly Housesitter' over on FB. I began house sitting full time in 2011 when I realised it was the perfect flexible solution to being able to work remotely while also accommodating my availability to volunteer my creative services through my business, Drawer Full of Giants, around the world. When I'm not volunteering, I'm house sitting and when I'm not house sitting, I'm volunteering.

If you have any house sitting questions for the show or would like to ask about my availability and want to read through my testimonials visit me on Facebook - be sure to like and share my page.

I'm the creative visionary and founder of Drawer Full of Giants, where I help people attract more customers through personalising their business with illustration and graphic design. If you are intrigued by what I do for a living while I'm house sitting and volunteering around NZ and the world visit my website.

If you'd like to hear from me on a semi-regular basis and would LOVE freebie resources, be sure to sign up here.

 You can also email me at tania@drawerfullofgiants.com

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