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STEPH HUNSLEY MASSAGE THERAPIST /BIOFIELD TUNING PRACTITONER Steph’s enthusiasm and passion to see her valued clients of all ages and cultures achieve a state of wellness and longevity is evident in her ongoing pursue to discover how our mind, body and spirit functions. Looking at the WHOLE person. Steph has a Diploma of Wellness and Relaxation Therapy and is a Biofield Tuning Practitioner. Biofield Tuning helps people to solve problems on the physical, mental, emotional, ancestral and relational levels. It helps people to become “UNSTUCK”. We become stuck because energy flows along established pathways in our Biofields. ( The Biofield extends, six feet around our body). These pathways are laid down very early, the first 3 years of life – precognitively. BT gives us access, through the record in the biofield, of these early impressions and the beliefs they formed, and help us to depattern and repattern those impressions. Getting free from stuckness doesn’t have to be long and complicated. If you haven’t tried a session yet, I recommend giving it a try. I also offer Massage Therapy. Steph is based at the Lotus Centre, cnr of St Aubyn Street West in Frimley.

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Biofield Tuning with Steph-16-08-2019 Steph chats with Hazel Thomas about Biofield Tuning for Gut and Emotional Health
Steph chats with Hazel Thomas about Biofield Tuning for Gut and Emotional Health

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Biofield Tuning with Steph-12-07-2019 - Steph chats to Vanessa
This month Steph chats with Vanessa about her biofield tuning journey and the different things that can be tuned

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Biofield Tuning with Steph-07-06-2019 Biofield Tuning
Biofild Tuning - Steph talks about Biofield Tuning

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