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Lizzie Gilbertson is a complementary health professional and educator, with over thirty-five years in practice.

Her own many experiences in caring for friends and family who have died made her aware of the great need in our society for compassionate care, especially for the elderly and those who are chronically and terminally ill.

By being caregivers with loving intent, our own lives become enriched and we see death, not as something to be feared, but something that provides us with an opportunity to be more forgiving, compassionate and kind.

There is one certainty in life and that is that we will die. Our lives are finite and yet the majority of us ignore it. When death comes, we find ourselves woefully unprepared and are often left with unfinished business, unhealed relationships and unresolved grief which we have an hour at a funeral service to address.

This series gives us an opportunity to look at how we view death and dying in our modern day western society, our fears around it, how we prepare for it, and how it is essential to our wellbeing on all levels.

We examine how we have allowed the enriching and often very healing process and ritual of dying and death to be dealt with by health professionals and funeral businesses and how, to our detriment, it has become a sanitised and clinical process that we have little to do with.

We look at the now gathering movement for us to reclaim our participation in a ritual that is as old as life itself and goes hand-in-hand with it.

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