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Youth Today with Ekta Raturi

My name is Ekta Raturi and I am currently a year 13 at Taradale High School. I am also the Head of Communications and Head of Community Welfare for this year at School.

I have been involved in a range of activities within my time at High School. I have been associated with the United Nations Youth New Zealand as a high school ambassador for the last 4 years and continue to do so this year as well. I was also a Unicef leader last year. I’ve also been involved with the school debating team for the last 4 years and am still continuing this year.

I’ve played badminton for the school from last 4 years and have been in the girls A badminton team for the last 2 years from which I have had the chance to be involved in regional and national level competitions. I also have two part-time jobs at KFC and Star Of India Taradale.

I am also quite active in my own Indian community. I help out the Indian Mum’s group with their functions. I am also one of the admins of Pahadiswagger which is an online platform to showcase our culture in efforts to keep it alive. I have recently joined the HSS Hawkes bay which again promotes keeping to our Hindu cultural values.

Overall you can say I am a committed person who enjoys what she does and is always looking forward to broadening her reach in terms of social activities.

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