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l like creating an oral prosthesis for people that makes a difference. To provide both function and aesthetics is a challenge so to see this work well for patients is very satisfying. Denture health covers the health of the mouth, the mental side of wearing and also preparing for dentures. The anatomical differences aren't easily understood after extraction of the teeth. Shrinkage of the gums can leave behind very little gum to place the denture on. Whether its one tooth, several or a complete set, a patient needs to know the procedure and what to expect. This program will look at these and other issues.

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Denture Health-08-11-2019 Adhesives and Cleaners
Adhesives and Cleaners

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Denture Health-10-10-2019 - Problems with dentures
Problems with dentures

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Denture Health-05-09-2019 Aching Teeth
John Egan talks Aching Teeth

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Denture Health-16-08-2019 Implants
John chats about Implants

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Denture Health-24-05-2019 What a Denture Technician Does
John chats about What a Denture Technician Does

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Denture Health-10-05-2019 Missing teeth and what to do about it
John chats about missing teeth and what to do about it

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