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New and recently started shows

Keep an ear out for these great shows that are starting soon, or have recently started on Radio Kidnappers:

A Study In Literacy - Each week Luke and Jill will be in the studio chatting about books, e-books, audio books and as many other things to do with literacy that they can fit in - Saturdays at 5pm

Coming Out - Phoebe Wilton-Stuart chats about Hawke's Bay LGBTQ+ events, news and interviews people in the rainbow community - Saturdays at 12pm

Te Reo Maori Te Peu Maori Kuki Airani Kia Orana - Cook brings us Cook Island news and music in a 5 hour weekly show - Thursdays at 6pm

The Conversation - Every week Gemma, Sophia, Maia and Izzie invite you to listen in on them while they have a chat about all things, life, dreams, plans, stuff that is going on, just anything that comes to mind really... - Saturdays at 6pm

LandWISE: Promoting Sustainable Crop Production - LandWISE: Promoting Sustainable Crop Production is a podcast bringing the insights of lead researchers, technologists, and farmers to listeners from all over the Ag and Hort industry - Fridays at 5pm

Voice of Aroha - Voice of Aroha is an inclusive platform representing the voices of a variety of communities and their perspectives on many topics - Thursdays at 3pm

So You Want To Write A Book - Tune in to hear all about writing books, and editing, and promoting, everything related to the writing, publishing and marketing process - Tuesdays at 2pm

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