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Debates start on Tuesday 23rd July, and continue until Tuesday 24th September. They are being held every Tuesday and Thursday at 4pm.

Each Debate is broadcast live on Radio Kidnappers' two frequencies, as well as live-streamed on the Internet, plus full recordings of the week's debates are replayed on the following Saturday. Tuesdays debate will be broadcast at 10am and Thursdays debate will be broadcast at 2pm.

The debates can also be downloaded from our website for a limited period following broadcast.

GRAND FINAL WINNERS - PUKETAPU SCHOOL - Emily, Holly and Sophie - Well done guys!


GRAND FINAL- Tuesday 24th September

Taradale Intermediate 1 vs Puketapu School -The New Zealand government should supply school lunches for all school children


SEMI FINAL #1 - Tuesday 17th September

Puketapu School vs Havelock North Intermediate 2 - Body-image has become the most important and desirable social factor of today's times

SEMI FINAL #2 - Thursday 19th September

Taradale Intermediate 1 vs Taradale Intermediate 2 - The New Zealand government should be doing more to harness solar energy



Havelock North Intermediate 2 - 563 (274 +289)
Taradale Intermediate 1 - 555 (264 + 291)
Taradale Intermediate 2 - 554 (272 +282)
Puketapu School - 554 (266 + 288)
Tamatea Intermediate 1 - 552 (265 + 287)
Havelock North Intermediate 1 - 550 (272 + 278)

Hastings Intermediate - 547 (264 + 283)

St. Patrick's Napier - 545 (265 +280)
Twyford School 1 - 536 (262 +274)
Twyford School 2 - 532 (258 + 274)
Tamatea Intermediate 2 - 530 (253 + 277)
St. Mary's Hastings - 527 (248 +279)
Poukawa School - 516 (238 + 278)


Affirmative teams are listed first and the winning teams are in

Tue 23 July:  Taradale Intermediate 1 vs Poukawa School - Learning to swim in the ocean is easier than learning to swim in a public pool
Thu 25 July: Havelock North Intermediate 1 - New Zealand needs a new national anthem - NO DEBATE as Napier Intermediate withdrew
Tue 30 July: Tamatea Intermediate 1 vs St. Patrick's Napier - Driverless cars will reduce New Zealands road toll
Thu 1 Aug: Puketapu School vs Taradale Intermediate 2
-  New Zealanders eat too much junk food
Tue 6 Aug: Hastings Intermediate vs Havelock North Intermediate 2 - Reading books is more valuable than watching TV
Thu 8 Aug: St. Mary's Hastings vs Twyford School 2 - Leisure-time should include some compulsary jobs around the house
Tue 13 Aug: Twyford School 1 vs Tamatea Intermediate 2 - If there was a cost for every email sent, spam email would disappear

Tue 20 Aug: Havelock North Intermediate 1 vs Puketapu School - CCTV in every school room would be a good thing
Thu 22 Aug: Taradale Intermediate 2 vs Hastings Intermediate - New Zealanders should buy more locally-made products

Tue 27 Aug: Tamatea Intermediate 2 vs Taradale Intermediate 1 - Too much emphasis is placed on sport in New Zealand society
Thu 29 Aug: St. Patrick's Napier vs St. Mary's Hastings - Sugary drinks should cost more
Tue 3 Sep: Poukawa School vs Twyford School 1 - More use should be made of New Zealand's railway infrastructure
Thu 5 Sep: Twyford School 2 vs Havelock North Intermediate 1 - Learning via an App is better than learning from a teacher
Tue 10 Sep: Havelock North Intermediate 2 vs Tamatea Intermediate 1 - School uniforms should be abolished

Tue 17 Sep: Semi Final 1
Thu 19 Sep: Semi Final 2



Talk-The-Talk has been held annually since 2002 (apart from breaks in 2011 & 2014), and is open to all local intermediate schools and any others who have Y7/Y8 pupils.

The aim of the debates is to foster public-speaking and radio skills in a debating forum, while all the time still being fun.

The debates consist of two rounds of heats and then a semi-final round where the top four teams battle it out to see who will make it through to the grand final.

Debates are marked using as a template the intent of the Russell McVeagh NZ Schools Debating Championships Marking Guidelines, which assesses style, content, strategy and points of interest, as well as quality of rebuttal and other standard debating criteria. Further details about this system are available at www.debating.org.nz. As this system is designed for senior students and adults a few allowances are made during the debates.

Full details of the dates, schools, moots and results are posted on our website. All the Debates are broadcast live on Radio Kidnappers, as well as streamed live over the internet. They start after the 4pm news on a Tuesday and Thursday, for a full list of schools and moots please see this years debates page.

If you missed a debate or would like to relisten to one they will be made available as a podcast the day after the debate has taken place, just go to the downloads section of our website.

Contact Radio Kidnappers if you have any questions about the annual debates.

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