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Debates started on Wednesday 22nd July, and ran through the start of Term 3. They are being held every Wednesday and Thursday at 4pm.

The debates from the 12th August onwards were cancelled due to an increase in Covid-19 Alert Levels from 1 to 2.

Each Debate is broadcast live on Radio Kidnappers' two frequencies, as well as live-streamed on the Internet, plus full recordings of the week's debates can also be downloaded from our website for a limited period following broadcast.

The winning team is in bold italics

 Day/Date Affirmative vs Negative Moot
Wed 22nd July HNI Captivators

Flaxmere Primary A
It should be compulsary for everyone living in New Zealand to plant a tree every year for their birthday
Thu 23rd July Twyford Greater Debaters

Taradale Int B
Takeaways are more cost effective than cooking at home
Wed 29th July Hastings Int B

St Patrick's Flawless
Religion should be a compulsary subject in schools and should include all main world religions
Thu 30th July HNI Lightening

Tamatea Int B
School children should get to choose if they do homework
Wed 5th August Taradale Int A

The Woodford Word Wranglers
Driving (lessons and tests) should be part of the high school curriculum
Wed 12th August St Patrick's Rebels

Twyford Walkie Talkies
Boy bands are a good influence on today's intermediate school aged pupils
Thu 13th August Hastings Int A

Tamatea Int A
If fresh fruit and vegetables cost less, people would buy more of them
Wed 19th August Twyford Walkie Talkies

HNI Captivators
Children should get to pick their own bedtime
Thu 20th August Tamatea Int A

St Patrick's Rebels
Parents should have to approve all social media posts for their children before they become public
Wed 26th August St Patrick's Flawless

Taradale Int A
All plastic packaging should be banned
Thu 27th August
    Hastings Int A
Competition is necessary in regards to the learning process
Wed 2nd September Tamatea Int B

Twyford Greater Debaters
New Zealanders have a littering problem
Thu 3rd September The Woodford Word Wranglers

Hastings Int B
Students do better academically if they go to an intermediate school rather than a primary school that goes up to Year 8
Wed 9th September Taradale Int B

HNI Lightening
All intermediate schools should close their libraries in favour of electronic devices
Wed 16th September

Thu 17th September

Wed 23rd September




Each speaker should aim to speak for between 3.5 minutes to 4 minutes.  There will be a bell rang at 3.5 minutes to indicate the time, and it will be rang 3 times at 4 minutes.  When it rings at 4 minutes the speaker is required to wrap up speaking asap (ie at the end of that sentence) whether they are finished their prepared speech or not.

All speakers must introduce themselves at the start of their speech - ie
'Good afternoon, my name is _____ and I'm the 2nd speaker for (team name)'



Opening Affirmative:
Defines the parameters of moot/debate (their prerogative to do so)

Introduces the Affirmative speakers and their subjects/roles
Gives overview of affirmative’s argument

Opening Negating:
Introduces the Negating speakers and their subjects/roles
Gives overview of negating’s argument
May rebut opening Affirmative Captain

2nd Speakers:
Fully develop their team’s argument
Rebut previous speakers

3rd Speakers:
Add finer points to their team’s argument
Rebuttal specialist (of all previous speakers)

Closing Negating:
Sums up Negating argument and key points of debate
Give reasons why Negating team has won the debate
Touch on Affirming argument and why they have not won the debate
Can still rebut
No new material may be introduced

Closing Affirmative:
Sums up Affirmative argument and key points of debate
Give reasons why Affirming team has won the debate
Touch on Negating argument and why they have not won the debate
Can still rebut
No new material may be introduced



Talk-The-Talk has been held annually since 2002 (apart from breaks in 2011 & 2014), and is open to all local intermediate schools and any others who have Y7/Y8 pupils.

The aim of the debates is to foster public-speaking and radio skills in a debating forum, while all the time still being fun.

Debates are marked using as a template the intent of the Russell McVeagh NZ Schools Debating Championships Marking Guidelines, which assesses style, content, strategy and points of interest, as well as quality of rebuttal and other standard debating criteria. Further details about this system are available at www.debating.org.nz. As this system is designed for senior students and adults a few allowances are made during the debates.

All the Debates are broadcast live on Radio Kidnappers, as well as streamed live over the internet.

If you missed a debate or would like to relisten to one they will be made available as a podcast the day after the debate has taken place, just go to the downloads section of our website.

Contact Radio Kidnappers if you have any questions about the annual debates.

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