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Jacob loves to live and lives to love. He is passionate about moving through life with ease, grace and joy and wishes that for you.

From abuse, heavy drinking, hard drugs and extreme living, Jacob is gentle and compassionate. His learnings through life experiences, many different healing modalities studied, travel and cultures lived, means that he has a very empowering way of looking at life that will offer you insights and tools that will bring new perspectives and fulfilling ways of being.

He is the embodiment of what he teaches and says "everything he talks about is for him to hear as well". The way he can assist someone with something is to feel and know its energetic frequency and to see what we hold in our energy field, often unconsciously.

He invites you to join him, if you so choose, to be the fullest creative expression of you you can be.

For more about Jacob and his offerings, please visit www.lovebless.net.

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Host: Jacob Dodds Category: Religion and Spirituality Language: English Website: Visit Programme Website Email: info@radiokidnappers.org.nz

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