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Healing Naturally with Ishtar

Ishtar is passionate about connecting you to the infinite knowing of your soul, inspiring self-discovery and healing.  She aims to show you how to master life changing stress strategies attaining spiritual balance and physical healing for an empowered and energized life. Tuning into healing naturally with Ishtar is like talking to your positive friend with the specialized knowledge.  She knows succeeding is unlikely if you are stressed, tired and feel unhealthy and navigating the wild waters of life overload can be overwhelming. With KISS [keeping it simply simple) as a motto Ishtar likes to teach simple daily practices for transformation, helping to you become the master of your health and not the slave to your symptoms. 

Trained as a Naturopath, Medical Herbalist, Nutrition, Supplementation, Therapeutic Massage, Reiki Master and Teacher, Aura Soma, Energy Intuitive, Reflexology, Natural Healing. She offers Futuristic Life Coaching, distinct hands on healing sessions to accelerate your healing journey and natural healer-ship training.
www.oriontherapies.co.nz  0273529708 queries are welcome

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Host: Ishtar Category: Disability and Health Language: English Website: Visit Programme Website Email: info@radiokidnappers.org.nz

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